Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 real-world samples gallery posted

The GM1s has two new colors (blue and a cordovan leather color) and some minor firmware features (via Google translation):

Transfer the short video on the smartphone to make a short movie to “snap movie mode”

P / A / S is available the same 22 species image effect of the “Creative Control” (Filter) / M mode

WiFi connection by reading the QR code is displayed on the camera monitor smartphone

Without going through a smartphone, you can up the image from the camera directly to the SNS

New expansion ISO100

I agree that the GM1’s real focus is delivering small camera size despite the toll that takes on handling. The GM1s at least gets some of the GM5’s features. I personally will gladly take the compromised touch screen to get the EVF and decent thumbwheel control instead of the horrid multifunction dial on my GM1.

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