Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 review-in-progress posted

Just when DPReview was getting good at giving us charts with equivalents, I think this one falls down, especially when comparing the GM5 and the RX100 Mk. III.

The review notes the GM5’s “tiny viewfinder”, but the specifications say it has 0.92x magnification, which sounds large. Presumably reconciling these statements requires adjusting for sensor size, and the GM5’s viewfinder has 0.46x-‘equivalent to 35mm / full frame’ viewfinder magnification. The RX100 III specs list the magnification as 0.59x, which I suspect is already an ‘equivalent’ figure.

And of course, it’s fine to say the GM5 has a larger sensor than the RX100 Mk. III, but with the GM5’s compact kit lens, the real comparison is the GM5’s equivalent of 24-64mm f/7-11 with the RX100 Mk. III’s equivalent of 24-70mm f/4.9-7.6. So when adjusting for both sensor size and aperture, the effective light-gathering puts the RX100 Mk. III 1 stop brighter at the wide end and a little more than 1 stop brighter at the long end.

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