Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 First Impressions Review

sensor sizes matter when you want real large sized billboard prints, then, they have the advantage to have lower noise at high iso rates, due to the larger pixel size. I doubt that a 48 mpix FF will make much better, or whorse, than an APSC 14 mpix, since on the end, both have the same pixelsize.
Now, if I see a 20 mpix Samsung and the 36 mpix D800 in picture quality, in exception of the shallower DOF on one of the both, there is no reason to buy a D800 to make prints at 18×24 or 9×13 cm. If you want an example of if sensor size really matters, just go to Steve Huff’s site and see the comparing Leica M, Sony RX1 and Nikon 1V1. He downsized all the FF shots to V1 size and compared. If you see that, you will ask yourself why you should spend 2800$ or even 13000$ for a camera to shoot a family album, or has the red dot anything to do with that after all. I use a NEX-7, but this camera here looks as the perfect birthday present for my wife, with, for sure, a practical thought on my side.

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