Panasonic UK launches a ‘Try Before You Buy’ service for DMC-GH3

For what it will do, the GH3 is worth full list if you are a serious videographer. If you also need great stills, it’s worth more.

It is important to explain how this is a HYBRID camera. The term means “a blend of different media.” Not even dxo understands that.

Those of us who use photography, video, audio, and computers to create content for training, advertising, and inspirational purposes will love this camera. It can handle all our image and video capture needs.

I can see having a complete m43 system based around a couple of these (for multi-camera video jobs), the 7-14mm, 12-35mm, and 35-100mm zooms, plus perhaps the 14-140 zoom for video, a 100-300 zoom for nature, sports, and wildlife, and a couple of fast primes for low light work.

I used Canon and Nikon gear from my teenage years thru adult life, and a pro career. I could use the GH3 for everything now. A kit weighs about 1/3 as much or less than the equivalent capability from Nikon or Canon, and costs about 40% less.

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