Panasonic UK launches a ‘Try Before You Buy’ service for DMC-GH3


Panasonic UK has announced a ‘Try Before You Buy’ service for the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 Micro Four Thirds camera allowing customers to borrow it as a kit along with the 12-35mm for 48 hours. This offer is available across a number of UK retailers with no obligation to purchase. The company says the scheme lets customers ‘road test’ the camera before committing to such a big purchase.

Press Release:

Panasonic Offers a ‘Try Before You Buy’ Service for the LUMIX DMC-GH3

Continuing to push the boundaries, Panasonic is pleased to offer a ‘Try Before You Buy’ service for the multiple award winning LUMIX DMC-GH3 with 12-35mm lens. This ingenious service allows customers to borrow the GH3 kit for 48 hours (excluding delivery and collection time) from a number of retailers with no obligation to purchase. A real plus for Panasonic customers, this opportunity allows them to explore and try the camera in their own setting before deciding to purchase.

Barney Sykes, Lumix G Camera Product & Marketing Manager says “The GH3 is by far the most advanced system camera we have ever launched and we recognise customers may want to road test this product before committing to such as high value purchase, therefore we are delighted to be able to offer this scheme to our key retail partners to help increase their sales opportunities”

The ‘Try Before You Buy’ service, new this month, has been extremely well received and has now been extended to many other Panasonic stockists who also wish to offer this service to customers.

  • Annings, Ilkley, Yorkshire
  • Bradford CE
  • Cambrian
  • Camerabox Kettering
  • Cameraland / Stanbrook Cardiff
  • Camera Solutions
  • Carmarthen Camera Centre, Camarthan
  • Castle Cameras Bournemouth
  • Chas Eagles
  • Chas Norman Cameras Sevenoaks
  • Chris Goodhead
  • Clifton Cameras Dursley
  • Comleys
  • Frank Wilkinsons
  • Harrison Cameras
  • Mathers
  • Mifsuds Brixham
  • Park Cameras
  • Peter Rogers
  • Photo Express
  • Photosound Vantage, Bishops Stortford
  • Richards (Bass & Bligh)
  • S R S Microsystems Ltd Watford
  • T4 Cameras Swindon
  • Williams
  • York Camera Mart
  • Conns Camera, Ireland
  • Bermingham Camera, Ireland

Customers wishing to take part in the ‘Try Before You Buy’ service should please contact their preferred retailer directly who will arrange the loan and delivery details *1 



If you just want it for the video part, the GH2 is still in many ways superior, at least IQ-wise. I’m sure handling is better with the GH3, but the GH2 with the flow motion hack is superb. For photography, the GH3 performs better.

Pixel Judge

I like the idea!
Wish this tryout will NOT add to the purchase cost for the actual buyers.


First thing I’d be checking out is the reported 12-35mm lens image stabilisation problem.


How is one supposed to know where most of these are based? Many are just names with no location. And why is there no link to the source article at Panasonic UK???


Just what I thought. The GH3 has not created sufficient buzz. There is very little mention of exciting consumer articles on Pana GH3 here or elsewhere. And overall the world has been very lukewarm to this camera, versus for example the huge publicity and buzz that was create for the OM-D.

Also MF3 is a gigantic failure as a pro camera, no Pro (ok just a couple of guys) uses it for photo, only for video.

Also I believe that the future of photography does not include MF3. In another 5 years this format will disappear.

As the price of FF sensors drop, we’ll go back to the time of film when all SLR cameras cheap or expensive shot 35/mm film. Also as our phone cameras become better every year, there would be no need to have a small camera in the next 5 years. The phone camera will take care of it.

So the not so distance future will see only FF DSLRs and Phone cams. And for those who whine about size, FF can be made small and light, just look at what Sony did with the RX1.


Cool story.


bro, you should, like, totally tell it again.


…Maybe now the review will be published!
Sorry – team-guys – just couldn’t resist… 🙂

Hope you have sense of humour…

Best regards,

M Jesper

Too late now.


Great indeed – but somehow I thought that the 14 (sometimes even 30) no-questions-asked return policy for the goods bought online applies to whole EU (it definitely does in Germany).

Indeed the good has to be payed for and then the purchase will be reimbursed if one decides to return it, but one has 2 weeks, not 2 days.

Or I am missing something?


Only the ethics of buying something you don’t intend to keep.


That’s why I only ever return cameras if they are defective. If you don’t care for a camera I’ve purchased, I sell it on Ebay or here. It’s just don’t believe in “test driving” cameras. I don’t want to be the one who buys someone else’s return, so I don’t do it.


None in scotland?




I’d much prefer a “Hack It Before You Buy” service.


You wonder why these companies don’t just consult with Magic lantern on features before hand.

“Hey what should we do so you don’t have any desire to hack our cameras?”


next week: massive amounts of of “slightly used, like new” GH3 cameras being sold on and ebay.


Great marketing idea that gives brick and mortar stores a selling advantage.


I have often wondered why consumers could not have this type of service. It makes me think that the manufacturer is putting their money where their mouth is.. So good to see! Well done Panasonic!


Here in the Netherlands Olympus sometimes has a 30 day try period. If you don’t like the product you can return it to your local store and get your money back.

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