Part two: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 / Sony Alpha 7S Comparative Review

Serious Sam:

I’m not disputing the fact that better glass exists, you seem to have missed that point where I acknowledged that fact.

Some companies, Nikon, Fuji, and Samsung do indeed use the marketing term “ED”, Zeiss doesn’t. Nor do Leica and Canon.

You seem real confused about this.

The fact remains that clearly Samsung uses very very good glass in 4 lenses faster than f/2.8.

That wiki link says nothing about some minimum standard for “ED” glass.

You were wrong about Samsung NX lenses, and got called out with examples, and lose yourself in marketing terms to avoid admitting what you were wrong about.

Simple cultural (and racial) stereotyping of Koreans adds nothing here. The fact remains that Samsung has good NX bodies and some excellent NX lenses.

No, I’m not Korean; like many people, from all over the world, I try to be broadminded, while you don’t.

In place of making claims about gear you’ve not used, try using the cameras and lenses.

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