Patent shows Canon may be developing a DJI Osmo Pro-like gimbal

According to a filed patent, Canon appears to be working on an all-in-one gimbal and camera device, similar to the discontinued DJI Osmo Pro.

In the patent diagrams, first seen on Twitter via user OsitaLV, the prospective Canon product comprises a handle, a rear display, gimbal, controls, a camera sensor and a lens mount. On top of the camera area, there’s also a hot shoe. Near the hot shoe is some sort of a switch, which Josh Spires of Drone DJ speculates could be a toggle switch for stabilization or as a release for the lens mount.

Spires continues, ‘Moving down the patent, we can see what looks to be a two-axis gimbal. This wouldn’t make sense for most gimbals, but as mentioned above, there will likely be in-camera stabilization removing the need for a tilt axis to stabilize the gimbal. This would, however, not allow you to get rolling shots.’

Canon patent. Originally seen via Twitter user OsitaLV.

In addition to the large display, which Spires thinks is a touchscreen, it appears that you can control the device via a large button and a pair of joysticks. There also appears to be a trigger on the other side of the grip, which in other gimbals is used to re-center the gimbal or to ensure a shot is in focus. It looks like the grip can also be folded down for transport.

Although DJI has since discontinued its Osmo Pro line, the Osmo Pro’s Zenmuse X5 Gimbal Camera incorporated a 4K capable Micro Four Thirds sensor and 15mm F1.7 MFT lens. Per patents, DJI has been exploring a new device that integrates a professional-level camera into a gimbal and allows for removable lenses, similar in spirit to what Canon might be working on.

DJI Osmo Pro

Canon’s patent is certainly an interesting one. If the company could capitalize on its existing lens mount and optics, plus offer users its popular color science and image quality, there may well be a market for a fresh take on the old DJI Osmo Pro. However, it could be telling of the potential market size that DJI discontinued the product, now exclusively making Osmo devices for smartphones and the compact Osmo Pocket.

As with all patents, there is no guarantee that Canon will ever announce and release the product. But it never hurts to dream, right?