Pentax 645Z added to studio comparison database

In the US, the Pentax 645Z with its normal lens costs $9694, and the camera has a 44x33mm, 40 MP sensor. Mamiya offers (1) the DM kit (including back and lens) for $9990 with a back that has a 48x36mm, 22 MP sensor; and (2) the Leaf kit, which has a back with a 44x33mm, 40 MP sensor for $12,995. So with Mamiya, if what you really want is sensor size, you can get a bigger one for about the same money. If you need 40 MP and will accept the somewhat smaller sensor, it costs you about 34% more. IMO, for someone who needs this gear, those are all competitors. What is better for a particular person’s needs depends on the particular uses.

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