Pentax firmware v1.10 for K-3 adds diffraction correction

Retzius, the K-5 series also had reports of this. I got one anyway and never encountered the problem. I’m not sure how many cameras there are that don’t have a considerable flaw – pick your brand, and you either get mirrors dropping out, oil splatter on sensor, shutter shock at certain frequently used shutter speeds, light leaks, the list goes on.

It’s a bit like the real water pub: “We’ve got underexposing cameras, overexposing cameras, poorly white-balancing cameras, non-waterproof waterproof cameras, shallow DoF cameras, deep DoF cameras, fixed focal length cameras, crappy zoom cameras, diffraction-limited cameras, cameras with poor built-in flash, cameras without built-in flash, cameras without hotshoe, cameras without viewfinder, cameras without tiltable screen, cameras with poor battery life. We’ve got faulty cameras, broken cameras, and verboten cameras, we’ve got…”

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