Pentax K-3: Eight pages added to our ongoing review

If that is the line you draw on what camera to buy, go right ahead and choose something else. Except, only Canon offers an enthusiast DSLR with a tilting LCD.

• Nikon has it on their entry cameras, but the D7100 up, its fixed.
• Sony is an SLT, so no pentaprism there, same with mirror less.

Each camera has its pluses and minuses, and if that is what you set as your bar, you will be happy with one of those many other cameras out there.

Olympus can do this, and have it weatherproofed. But I ask myself – Do I want the bulk of a tilting/pivoting screen, or do I want my SLR as small as possible, while retaining a pentaprism? I prefer this, but you prefer something else…its cool

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