Pentax K-50 real-world and test scene samples

Corporations live by profit, and it’s the present that matters. Pentax might have coined the SLR look but they failed to stay ahead. Minolta might have pioneered autofocus, but where are they now ?

“Pentax also proves they can make a better DSLR than anyone else, if they like, and whether you, or anyone else, dislikes that fact. “
Just for the sake of argument, I hope you realise this claim is utterly ridiculous. Pentax never even made a professional SLR, the best the ever had that came close to professional was the LX. Nowadays, the best SLR they make is the 645D, which I’m not going to discuss because it’s too much of a niche camera, and it’s kinda the MF bargain, so it’s not really the best in that category. On 135, Pentax’s best effort is the K5ii, if I remember correctly, and that camera competes and arguably betters the likes of 70D and D7100. What about the rest of C/N SLR’s ? Pentax makes bargain cameras, they allways had, but the market is shifting and even C/N feel the blow

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