Pentax Ricoh changes name and reveals branding strategy


Hot on the heels of Carl Zeiss’s decision to become simply Zeiss, Pentax Ricoh has decided that from August 1st it will be known simply as Ricoh. It’s not all bad news for Pentax fans though – the brand name will continue to be used on the company’s SLRs and interchangeable lens cameras. Meanwhile the Ricoh name will be used for compact cameras and, cryptically, ‘new technological innovations’.

Press release:

PENTAX RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD has today announced that it is changing its company name to RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD, effective from August 1 2013.

In addition, the company has also unveiled its future product brand strategy: both PENTAX and RICOH products will remain in the market under the new name to reinforce the company’s commitment to the business with Pentax becoming the brand for all DSLR, interchangeable lens cameras and binoculars, and Ricoh becoming its brand for compact cameras and new technological innovations.

Purpose of the change

Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company was formed October 1, 2011 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Ricoh Company Ltd. to provide more consumer–oriented offerings to the market.

The company’s goal is to leverage the tremendous strength and awareness of the Ricoh brand along with the superior technical innovation of Pentax products to deliver a world- class consumer experience.

RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. remains committed to further strengthening its offerings and presence in the area of consumer imaging products and related services.



Time to turn off, this one’ll smoke up my monitor. Let the font of knowledge overflow!

Joe Ogiba

Zvonimir Tosic

Pentax was always a *product brand name*, almost never a company name.Owned by Asahi Optical company up to late 1990s/early 2000s, it existed just a few years as Pentax company, then it became product brand name again, for Hoya, now for Ricoh, who bought it from Hoya.
My Pentax cameras, ME Super, K-7, Q, were never Pentax made cameras. One was made by Asahi Optical, other two by Hoya.
It seems just a few people around here bother to understand what is Pentax actually.


That’s very true, for decades it was just a product name from Asahi Optical, just like Panasonic was for Matsushita. Then the companies changed their names to these product because of brand recognition.

I just hope they will keep the Pentax name for the WG-3 type of camera because this was fitting quite well with their weathersealed DSLR. Otherwise I don’t think many people will regret the other Pentax compacts, IMHO Ricoh was better anyway in creating quality compacts.


Rationally, as long as they keep making cameras and lenses of the traditional Pentax quality and pricing it should not make any difference. As an older photographer though, I believe that there is a tremendous legacy attached to the name that would be a pity to lose. The same thing went for Konica and, especially, Minolta who had so many fundamental photography patents. BTW “mmitch”, if you have other K5 bodies to dump, please let me know.


What’s in a name. A lot. Carl Zeiss means more to me than Zeiss. There really was someone behind a great legacy.

If only Konica Minolta had changed to just Konica soon enough …


Start of the downward spiral… I’m glad I dumped my K5. This company is clueless about there consumer.


Most consumers don’t care what the company name is. Ricoh will sport the Pentax brand. When Pentax was owned by Hoya it wasn’t called the Pentax-Hoya Company. You dumped the K-5? That was a stupid thing to do.

M Jesper

*their consumer.


More or less clueless than you are at spelling?


That´s a senseless move to my mind. Both companies will have a half line-up. Some/Many users may not be aware of the relation between these companies.

Sad day for Pentax btw.
So, I quess, the lovely little MX1 will be the last Pentax-looking Compact. Personally I love the retro-styling especially compared to the boring looking GR.


I don’t. Less is more for me and the GR’s are some of the best compacts cameras ever. Plus Ricoh compacts have always been better than Pentax ones.


“Plus Ricoh compacts have always been better than Pentax ones.”
now, since they are one company, which one do you think is better?
and please do not consider sensor size…


I’m just happy that the Pentax name and product line will live on. Otherwise, the name change is just official recognition of what has been the case since Ricoh acquired Pentax.


Exactly, the name of the front of interchangeable lens cameras will be Pentax, and they are continuing to make great bodies that mount my K lenses. Nothing to be concerned about at all.


Right. At least Pentax users got to keep Pentax on the front, Minolta users lost the Minolta name and got Sony stuck on front.

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