Performance Hints For Adobe Lightroom 4

LR4I noticed recently that Adobe added some Performance hints to their Lightroom Help. In past Lightroom posts I’ve gotten many comments that indicate people have problems with Lightroom performance. Here is a summary of the hint subjects, see the Adobe article for details:

  1. Restart Lightroom
  2. Make sure you are using the latest version of LR
  3. 2 GB RAM is a minimum
  4. SSD Drives are a big help
  5. Move your catalog
  6. Check Photos’s RAM setting
  7. High-resolution displays
  8. Spot removal tool, local corrections and History panel
  9. Order of develop operations
  10. Avoid corrections you don’t need
  11. Zoom options
  12. Increase Camera RAW cache
  13. Use Process version 2010
  14. Update your video driver

My personal experience with Lightroom is that 8 GB of RAM is a better minimum than 2 GB. Ever since I configured my desktop and laptop machines with 16GB of RAM and a SSD drive ALL performance issues with Lightroom and Aperture just go away. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll never own another computer that doesn’t have 16GB of RAM and a SSD drive. I can’t even stand to use my old MacBook Pro that just has 8GB of RAM and a mechanical hardrive.

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