PFRE E-books Can Be Read On All Devices


As more and more people are using tablets to read PFRE e-books I’ve been getting more questions about how to get PDFs to your tablets. So I’ve created a page that answers many of the standard questions on this subject. It’s called Reading-pdfs in the menu bar at the top of the blog.

All PFRE e-books are distributed in PDF form. This allows reading on any of your devices including Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and even SmartPhones (if you have good eyesight). There are several ways to access your PDF files files from all of your devices:

When you sign up for a free DropBox account you get 2 GB of network storage that you can access from any of your devices including Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, SmartPhone. So by simply putting an e-book PDF into your DropBox from your Laptop, you can then use the DropBox App on iPads or Android (including Kindle Fire and HD) to open a PDF on DropBox.

Google Drive
This approach works in a similar way to DropBox. Anyone with a Gmail account has 2 GB or so of free storage that can be used for Google Documents. Just put the PDF you want to share between your devices into your google documents space and then download the GoogleDrive App to your tablet or SmartPhone which will give you access to the PDF files on your mobile device. This also works on the Kindle Fire and HD.

E-mailing PDFs to Tablets
While the two methods above (DropBox & Google Drive) work nicer you can get PDFs to mobile devices via e-mail. Despite the fact that PDF e-books can be quite large (Lighting Interiors is just over 15 MB) you can still e-mail these large files. Modern day mail servers routinely handle files of 20 MB or more.

  • iPads – when opening an e-mail attachment on an iPad, just touch the attachment and you’ll be prompted to select which App to use to download the file. Choose iBooks App. iBooks will download PDFs and put them on a different “shelf” than regular iBooks.
  • Kindle Fire & Kindle HD – Works much the same as the iPad. Touch the e-mail attachment to download, then after the download is complete touch the attachment again and you’ll be ask to select which App to send the PDF to. All Kindles have the Kindle App which works fine or you can download the free Adobe Reader App from the App store.
  • Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite – To e-mail a PDF file to the smaller Kindles you have to know the unique Send-to-kindle e-mail address that is assigned to each Kindle at registration. To find out what the Send-to-kindle address follow the instructions here.

Note About Reading PDFs on the Kindle Paperwhite
I’ve tried reading PDFs on the Kindle Paperwhite and I can’t say that I recommend it because the Paperwhite flashes the screen as it turns each page. I’m not sure why, but I could not find a way to turn this feature off. It is very annoying!

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