PFRE Photographer Of the Month Contest Is Closing Soon

MasterBathI’ll still accept your Photo entry as long as your email date says 7/15. That will only be for about 4 more hours here on the West coast of the US and a few more hours than that in Hawaii. We have a great bunch of  Master Bathroom shots for July’s PFRE Photographer of the Month contest. The PFRE Jury will soon start deliberating on a July photographer of the month and will be finished voting July 22 and the winner will be announced on July 23.

All the contestants images are available for viewing and comments from anyone in the PFRE Photographer of The Month flickr group. Here are the entries as a fullscreen Flash slide show. For those on mobile devices that won’t display Flash use the flickr app for your device.

I’d like to encourage blog readers and jury members to join the PFRE Photographer of The Month flickr group and give constructive comments to the contestants. This contest has great potential as a learning experience for both readers and contestants. Some of the jurors are already doing this and I think it can be very useful.

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