Photographer captures once-in-a-lifetime Las Vegas sunset

Hey everyone! Thanks for the comments (good and bad) about my image. It’s funny really – I almost didn’t share this, but I was pushed by some close friends to post online. The reason was because I thought people wouldn’t really believe this was a genuine shot and start criticizing the image for the wrong reasons – I mean, it looks fake, but it really is what happened.

It was the glow from the sun that bugged me. There was such a fine mist falling on that part of the city that gave it such a brilliant glow. That glow ended when the rain ended just before the strip.

Truthfully, it was a really hard image to process. The highlights and the shadows were certainly extreme, and I really could have pushed shadows more, and given more details to the highlights by the sunset, but it looked too HDR’y and I wanted to convey the brightness of that part of the scene.

Thanks for looking at my image. I know it’s not for everyone, but I enjoyed the event and making the image 🙂

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