Photographer Shoots High Schoolerís Senior Portraits at Taco Bell


Missouri-based photographer Brendan Batchelor recently received a strange photo shoot request: a high school senior named Brittany Nicole Creech wanted to shoot senior portraits at a local Taco Bell.

It was a serious request, so Batchelor visited the restaurant with Creech to turn her shoot idea into a set of real portraits.

Here are some of the photos Batchelor made:








Creech may be a huge fan of the restaurantís food, but she may have other ideas in mind as well: her Twitter bio states that itís her ďlife goal to be in a Taco Bell commercial.Ē

In addition to being published across the Web and being shared thousands of times on social media, Creech also succeeded in getting Taco Bellís attention:

If Creech does end up with a successful career in modeling or acting, she has photographer Brendan Batchelor and a set of Taco Bell senior portraits to thank!

Image credits: Photographs by Brendan Batchelor and used with permission

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