Photos of former Vice President Dick Cheney on September 11, 2001 released to public record

That foot on the desk makes me wonder if he was thinking, “Where’s the popcorn?”

That aside, the complaints about the politics are well-taken. So, about the photos themselves…

Except for the foot on the desk, where we can identify the event by the TV screen (though the image may or may not be contemporaneous), the rest of the shots are non-descript taken out of context.

I recall my First Rule: Get the Shot. Regarding these images, with the single aforesaid exception, I should then say, What shot?

The quality of the shots are mediocre at best, but the subject can make them interesting. Here, the subject of only one shot is interesting in itself, so, unless one considers Dick Cheney and his wife/staff interesting per se, none of the photographs, save one, are interesting either as subject matter or photography.

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