Ukrainian start-up is hoping to change your photography post-processing workflow with its new browser-based Raw editing and organization service. Using WebGL technology to harness the power of your computer’s graphics card, is able to offer Raw image editing and management for Canon, Nikon, Sony and Olympus Raw files right in your web browser. 

Instead of storing your images on its own servers, connects to your Google Drive account. Not only does this provide you with an extremely reliable cloud connection, but it also means that you won’t lose your photos if you stop using the service, or they ever shut down. 

What makes this solution all the more interesting is Google’s recent and dramatic price-drop for its Drive cloud storage. Drive users can get 15GB of cloud storage for free, which claims is enough for roughly 3-5 years worth of family vacation photos (although we’re skeptical about that – especially if you’re shooting Raw files).

Paid Drive plans start at just $1.99/month for 100GB and $9.99/month for 1TB. Heavy users could even make use of the unlimited cloud storage offered by Google for subscribers to their Apps for Business service.

Once your photos are uploaded to Google Drive through the interface you can use its review tools to apply star ratings and color labels, as well as organizing them into collections and editing metadata just as you might do with a program like Adobe Lightroom. After editing, your collections can be easily shared with friends and family who get quick access to original photos from any internet-connected device. will offer a free plan that limits the number of photos that can be edited per month, and a paid plan that removes all limits. Further pricing details are not yet available but for now the service is in public beta and you can sign up for free on the website to give it a try.