Pictures emerge showing widely-leaked Fujfilm ‘X-T1’

If any of us were living in that time, some of the now old lenses would look as goog as some of today’s ones do. We tend to think we didn’t do our best in the past, but look, makers were impressing people the same way they’re doing now!

I’m not against or don’t like smaller sensor cams, I only think that 15 years are a quite good time to make FF cams more popular. I wonder if Sony hasn’t been launching many and varied FF cams. Imagine if we still continued depending only on Canon and Nikon?

I still wonder why 20 years ago there were FFs for everybody (look, not saying should be the same way now) and 645s (and larger) for a quite lot of people. OK-OK, lenses are much better now and we can acheive the same (or even better) IQ on lower sensors, but, come on!, is that all? Where’s the shallow DOF thing?

By the way, they say everything is bigger in Texas. Are FFs selling more in Texas? Wish I lived there. Guess I would get one used quick and way cheaper.

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