Playing with food: Stephanie Gonot’s colorful culinary photography

Photographer Stéphanie Godot’s food photos aren’t the stylized, sexy kind you’d see on the cover of magazines like Bon Appetit. Images in her ‘Fad Diets’ series are frightening visual documents of some of the weirder diets out there, while also being striking experiments in color and texture. They may not make your mouth water, but they are a lot of fun, and might just make you reconsider that crash diet…

Here’s a selection of her work, from ‘Fad Diets’ and other series’. Her website, is well worth checking out. 

People following the ‘Seven-day Color Diet’ eat items of a single color each day.  Photo from the ‘Fad Diets’ series by Stéphanie Godot.
The ‘Five Bite’ diet involves eating whatever you want for lunch or dinner but only to have five bites of it.  Photo from the ‘Fad Diets’ series by Stéphanie Godot.
 Photo by Stéphanie Godot.
 Photo by Stéphanie Godot.
 Photo by Stéphanie Godot.
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Interesting ideas but low IQ


They’re cute… and its a unique idea…. the photography is certainly not all that great though.. (ie: the last photo is too narrow of field in my opinion).. and the grass in front of the “bowl” of fruit loops is distracting (a clean dirt area in front would be more dramatic..) Kudos for a good idea though.

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