Pocket movie maker? We examine the Sony RX100 III’s video mode

Well Jay,

That was a boring rant, did you get to spew enough cliches?

You seem a bit confused.

Where have I said much about any studio shots posted at DPR? I have said a few things over the years, but I don’t pay a lot of attention to studio shots.

“pixel peeping”? Hardly, and you can’t really cite an example. I do look at shadows, for noise.

Now, looking at these Sony RX100m3 studio shots (raws) I see why some think the focus is odd. Noise looks to be about like the RX10, but it’s hard to tell since only Sony’s IDC-4 extracts these raws today, June 1, ’14. (We need more raw samples and serious raw extraction software to make IQ judgments about this RX100v3.)

The problem remains that the OP equated more resolution and higher image quality and that’s a big mistake.

And yes:

it occur[s] to [me] that the end result of one[‘]s own picture taking is what really counts and determines how most of us judge image quality.

But that’s pretty obvious from my posts.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/06/02/pocket-movie-maker-we-examine-the-sony-rx100-iii-s-video-mode