Poll: What concerns you most about Adobe’s move to subscription software?

While I sympathize with all of the anguish here, I see this debate as being about open-source software. The argument for open-source software all along has been without it, your ability to work, to produce, to think, is at the mercy of people who have profits and not your best interests at heart.

So, what will the decision be? I suspect that most people will switch to open-source software only when the pain of trusting companies like Adobe becomes worse than the pain of adapting to new software. For many people, the extra cash that Adobe wants will not be enough to get them to switch. They are grumbling now, but they’ll pay up to avoid having to learn new skills.

It’s your choice. Gimp is to Photoshop what OpenOffice is to Microsoft Office, more than adequate for the majority of users. But Adobe knows you’d rather fight than switch, like Tareyton smokers, and of course this will happen again, not only with Adobe, but with other software manufacturers as well.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/05/08/Adobe-CC-Creative-Cloud-Complaints-Poll-of-Photographers-Photoshop-users