Portfolio: Michel Lamoller’s space and time-bending tautochronos project

Whether it be done by hand with physical media or by digital, the compositions are excellent, the technique, exquisitely handled. Exquisite eye candy belittles it but it is very pleasant and very well done. I don’t get any messages here (which is Ok, because not all art requires a concept) but I do enjoy it! 🙂 Seems more (entirely?) about technique than subject matter, but I don’t know the artist and what he’s trying to express if anything. Its not quite David Hockney’s “Pear Blossom Highway” using lots of polaroids to make up pieces of one scene. There are some street “painters”/artists with chalk where piece of the street turn into almost trompe l’oil (pardon my French, literally!) holes in the ground, or vaulted arches – and there’ also that guy (artist) from out West (I forget his name, but his works are everywhere, no, not Ansel Adams or any other photographer, he probably uses either paints, etc.) who draws/paints? camouflaged animals. Interesting work – “I smell bacon!” 😉

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/0904392106/portfolio-michel-lamoller-s-space-and-time-bending-tautochronos-project