Portfolio: Michel Lamoller’s space and time-bending tautochronos project

To me, exceptionally creative.

I’ve done a fair amount of Photoshopping, and some composites with layers. However, I think it would be very time consuming to accomplish the effect with layers, so that it had the same look.

So yes, it would save paper.

But … my speculation is that the actual art work would have a very, very different feel, in person. We have to use our imagination from the small JPEG’s from DPR to visualize the real art.

There would also be a “tactile texture” as you handled it, that would be missing from a 2D print.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/0904392106/portfolio-michel-lamoller-s-space-and-time-bending-tautochronos-project