PPE 2014: Sneak peak at forthcoming Olympus ‘PRO’ lenses

DPR could solve the problem pretty quickly by hiring a new body or two, or paying qualified individuals to write reviews within their format on a freelance basis. Since they have not done so, one has to assume that they have not been given permission by the corporate heads, either because DPR is not profitable enough in itself to do that, or they don’t care (that is to say, they have lost sight of what drew people to the site in the first place). This is a problem at the top, at the ownership level. It’s a good bet that DPR is understaffed and overworked, but as long as it’s feeding sales to Amazon, why throw any more money at it than you need to? Amazon is huge and, in the scheme of things, DPR is tiny, at least in terms of monetization.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/2196037391/ppe-2014-sneak-peak-at-forthcoming-olympus-pro-lenses