PPE 2014: Sneak peek at forthcoming Olympus ‘PRO’ lenses

Marty, even Nikon is not a pure “camera company”; they also make high grade optics for other uses, from eyeglasses (hell, my eyeglasses are Nikon, I should know) to steppers. Only Leica is a “pure camera” company and, for the time being, its special niche is secure, particularly with the help of Panasonic.

It could be reasonably argued that most of the market consolidation has already happened: Canikon, Sony, Ricoh, Samsung, Panoly, Fuji, plus a few lens specialists.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/2196037391/ppe-2014-sneak-peak-at-forthcoming-olympus-pro-lenses