Readers’ Choice Awards 2014: The Winners

This isn’t a contest about what product of 2014 is the best for “serious” photographers, though. This is about the best new product, overall. D750 is a great camera, but it isn’t nearly as groundbreaking as the X-T1 was, nor as accessible and versatile. And if we want to judge this by pure numbers, like MP or AF speed, obviously the one released latest will win. But this isn’t purely about which has the best specs.

The XT-1 is nearly $700 cheaper, and lighter. If we are to exclude things like that, then this would be a silly contest… Like a “Who made the best new car last year?!” contest with Ferrari winning.

I stand by my claim that if this contest were re-run 6 months from now, that tiny 1.4% difference(yes, just 1.4%) will have been closed and surpassed by the XT-1. Just look at how the X-T1 has held up in the “most popular camera” counter(currently 3rd), even a year on. It has outlived the release buzz better than any other camera. What better judge of “best product” is there?

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