Readers’ Showcase: Alexander Jikharev

Glad that the Dpreview staff is not completely focused on gear heads only and presents these showcases (more please ..). Sometimes it looks that way because of the endless rants about the perceived ‘importance’ of DR, megapixels, AF in total darkness with the speed of light and then lifting the pitch black shadows, noise, photons and the list goes on and on …
I often wonder how people even find time to take a decent picture between the thousands of postings they write on these ‘very important’ topics.

Yes, I like the ‘ minimalist’ approach of Cartier-Bresson who proved that you don’t need a zillion dollars of gear to capture great images (good glass helps). Yes, he certainly had the knowledge and understood what he was doing.
Looking at the pictures of Alexander it becomes clear that he too understands and most importantly ‘ sees’ the light.


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