Readers’ Showcase: Astrophotography

star-trails belie shortcomings of still needing longer exposures of cameras faring poorly at higher ISOs so lower ISOs are used instead (pp stacking cheats not permitted)

sensor development should be pushed so bright starry blue-sky moonlit earth landscapes can be single exposed for stills at under 4s, under 1s, etc, with ultra-clean noiseless high ISOs (even with smaller aperture diameters, say 3mm, etc, not always wide open). it would then lend itself more readily to landscape portraitures under the night starry moonlit skies

am I the only one doing such outdoor astro-lunar earth landscape (self)portraits wishing for shorter exposure times. ideally, FLASHLESS? I hate trying to stand still for so long in the dark of night and risk looking “goggly-eyed” staring too long at a camera somewhere on a tripod in the nightshadows … even delay flah doesn’t help for ones facial expression either …

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