Readers’ Showcase: Martin Kozak

those pictures are really interesting. I can say, the artistic and creative way of shooting is something only the photographer can find in his head by planning ahead where and how to shoot, but the technical aspect (lenses and camera) is a very important factor.

I could shoot some nice pictures with my APS-C camera and kit lens, but once I went fullframe and got some fast lenses, I realized there is a lot more that can be done with the right tools, but I didn’t know what I was capable of because I didn’t had access to those tools in the first place.

Here we see the best example. Several pictures from a very expensive lens (200mm F1.8) shot wide open. How on earth somebody could get the same atmosphere of those pictures with a APS-C or microfourthirds at 200mm equiv and low tier lenses? So at the end, it’s not only how the photographer shoots, it’s also what are the tools that the photographer picks up for the task.

Wish Sony offered a 200mm F2 and a Canon 1DX competitor…

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