Readers’ Showcase: Portraits and People


Names, names, names, now.

Indeed looks can be intrinsically sexual. (It’s a fact of life, you act as if I’m advocating some man, likely, take action based on the look; wrong, the action appears to already be occurring in some fashion.)

I’m not the person with the problems of shame here.

“you would get laughed out of any women’s studies class in America.”

That would likely be an honor, though I think that actual women’s studies types do admit that women, and men, flirt and put on sexualized displays for potential partners, or partners indeed.

It is only women’s studies classes with a real limited, and limiting view, that propound what you posit.

You’re insisting on a clich├ęd view of adult relations that in fact denies sexuality. And this kind of “reasoning” is what gets a lot of women’s studies types laughed at for good reason.

There’s not really a conversation here, there’s you yelling about something making you really uncomfortable–sex in a photo.

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