Readers’ Showcase: Rajesh Bhattacharjee

I have an MFA and have never thought that way, and I’ve rarely ever heard, in related contexts, such attitudes expressed. It takes only a quick glance around both the contemporary and the historical to see ample evidence of excellent work produced by ‘self-taught’ artists – those coming upon (external) knowledge outside formal contexts or, otherwise, developing quality work independent of (external) knowledge. In any case, developing sophisticated methods, potentially including an understanding of historical precedence, has less to do with the formal context of learning than it does a sincere commitment to learning and developing. That said, it can be difficult access quality content, beyond simply technique and technical knowledge about equipment, outside of an academic environment. While the wide breath of resources used in such environments is ultimately available, in some form, on the internet, what presents most readily is shallow content – understandably.

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