Ready for its close-up: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 Review

some of the current long zoom options with equiv. focal length and equiv. aperture:

* Panasonic FZ1000: 25-400mm, f/7.6-f/10.8; 0.83 kg
* Nikon 1 V3, CX70-300: 189-810mm, f/12.1-f/15.1; 1.0 kg
* EM1 with 75-300II: 150-600mm, f/9.6-f/13.4; 0.95 kg
* APS-C Tamron 16-300: 26-480mm, f/5.6-f/10; 1.3 kg.
* APS-C Tamron 150-600: 240-960mm, f/8-f/10; 2.7 kg.
(APS-C is mid-level Canon DSLR; Nikon 1 with EVF)

Several of these combo’s have similar equiv. focal length range, equiv. aperture and weight, despite big differences in sensor size. The real value will depend not just on sensor quality but more on optical quality, AF performance, framerate etc.

I think the Nikon 1 combo will perform very well for long zoom action, but it is very expensive. FZ1000 has great spec for the price, although the maximum zoom is a bit low for some applications.

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