Ready, steady: Sony Alpha 7 II Review

I don’t think that Sony did anything. In fact, DxO rates the sensor/processor/FW combination higher for low light than the A7.

I think that the results are what they are because of simple operator error mistakes, which indicates a true flaw of the camera, namely it being sensitive to user settings.

Likely not a big deal in real life, but in a controlled documented studio setup, big conclusions are derived from small mistakes.

I have both A7 and 7ii, and I don’t see what dpreview sees, sorry.

As to the differences, the A7r has no AA filter, no PDAF grid (CDAF only), a higher resolution, and a more advanced layout technology (per their earlier marketing). This has always shown in the benchmarks. There is no need to cripple the A7ii, just let it be (24Mp, AA filter, etc).

An A9 with superfast AF and 50Mp? Fingers crossed, I can see the increased resolution, but not the superfast AF this year. Similar perhaps.

But yes, the A7/ii is not the flagship, but it is a solid compromise.

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