Real Estate Photographers Going To Realtor Sales Meetings

MeetingGoing to the weekly sales meetings that the managing brokers run at real estate offices can be a great way for real estate photographers to meet listing agents that need RE photography services. In large metro areas where photographers have been doing this for a while, some managing brokers don’t invite vendors that are promoting a product or service to sales meetings. It never hurts to to ask. Just call the office and ask for the managing broker and ask her if you can come talk to the agents.

What to you do or say? Give them some useful information  that they can use. I’ve created the What Realtors Need to Know About Photography hand-out for this kind of situation. Whether Realtors are shooting their listings themselves or having someone else do it, as the person in charge of marketing a property they need to know what good real estate marketing photography looks like and how it works to sell the property.

Here are some tips for doing this kind of meeting presentation:

  1. Use the office website (there always is one) to research who the top listing agents are in the office. Just count listings two or three agents in a office of 20 to 30 will have the most. They are the top listing agents. They are the agents you want to get to know because they need your services.
  2. Frequently the top listing agents won’t be at the meeting because they are out being successful.
  3. Be brief (5 or 10 minutes but be ready to talk for hours if they want you to) and use a hand-out. Make sure it has your name, phone number and website URL on it. You want them to be able to see your work and be able to get hold of your later.
  4. Don’t assume anything about what you will have for equipment in doing the presentation. Bring hand-outs so agents will have something to take with them when they leave.
  5. Be sensitive to their questions rather than talking for along time with your agenda. Your main purpose is to just meet them and be perceived as someone that may have a service that they can may want to use in their business. You don’t have to close them at this meeting.

Over the years I’ve gotten feedback that this sales meeting approach has worked well for photographers building their business. However, in the large market areas you probably won’t be the first photographer that has come to talk to any given real estate office.

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