Real Estate Photography News Bites

Miscellaneous real estate photography newsReaders pass on a bunch of interesting real estate photography news and I like to pass on as much of it as possible. I’ve been getting behind lately so I thought I’d do a post to catchup all these news items:

Drone Users Largely Silent Regarding FAA Rules That May Limit Flights: Wanda pointed this article out. I used the FAA feedback page that this article is talking about and struggled for 20 minutes trying to give feedback and finally discovered that if you use the Google Chrome browser the comment page won’t work… keeps saying the comment field is empty when you submit. As soon as I switched to Safari the comment page worked. Do you think this could have an effect on the low feedback rate. I do, chrome is the most popular browser – many people are probably giving up and leaving… and these are the people that are regulating our air space and new technology?

Mike in Appleton, WI reports real estate photography business is good:  Mike says: “Since February I’ve been getting a ton of business (about 7-10 houses per week), and just started getting serious about RE photography about 18 months ago. All the tips and advice from your site, the flickr forum, etc have been a tremendous help in helping me establish myself–especially in a market that was (and still is in many respects) extremely resistant to professional real estate photography. I know being persistent at speaking at RE weekly meetings has helped immensely, and I started using facebook earlier in the year which has also helped.”  Appleton is a relatively small town (~75,000). It’s great to hear that it’s possible to build a real estate photography business in a small town if you persist at it! Jacques Joffre of wanted to let us know about his about his software that many be really useful for real estate photography. It’s called HDRinstant – its currently free to use and can help Real Estate Photographers, using drones to create great shots and help them market better. This video describes how it works.

MatterPort: Dave in Perth pointed out an article about a new technology that creates 3D scans of rooms. Still a bit pricy for real estate photographers but this could have potential in the future.

Roberto wanted to share his shoot he did recently in Belize: Roberto says: “I happen to be hired to shoot a Private Island in Belize and saw the opportunity to start using the aerial videos and stills with a DJI Phantom Drone. Since I am showing stills, 360 panoramas, aerial videos and twilight images in this Virtual Tour, it’s interesting to show all of that in just one.”

Check out the German language real estate photography blog by Oliver Zielinski: is a German blog on real estate photography.If you use Google Chrome as a browser, it will automatically translate to your native language. This last week I got the latest version of Oliver’s e-mail newsletter and he is doing a lot of great work promoting real estate photography in Berlin and beyond.

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