Real Estate Photography Question and Answers – #10

Questions And Answers

Diana’s Question:  I would like to buy one of your books, I’m just not sure which book is best for me. I am a realtor, not exactly a beginner but not proficient by any means either! I have two DSLR camera’s, a Sony A350 and a Nikon D90. I have a wide angle and couple other zoom lenses for the Sony but only one 18-105m for the Nikon. Sometimes my photo’s are awesome when shooting a property but not consistently. I assume it is the settings and flash I’m using that is causing me the biggest headache. I do not know what settings for either camera are the best no matter the trial and error I repeatedly go through!. What can you recommend as help?

Answer: It’s hard to give advice without seeing your work. When I look at your listings MLS#13256 is great work (it was done by a professional) but the next one MLS#13446 needs work. If MLS#13446 is your work (it was) I would suggest the Photography For Real Estate ebook. It is designed for anyone that is getting started in real estate photography. It covers all the basics of real estate photography. That is, what are the important decisions you need to make and the options for each. 

Glenn’s Question:   I wanted to get your advice, and ideas and services/products that you offer that could help me out. I’ve been internet marketing and website developer for over 10 years. Recently got back into digital photography, and having a blast, and more for fun now.  I’ve been thinking about making this a business…and my ideas are pictures for houses for realtor local network, WITH added digital marketing services…ie. creating a landing page, video, website submissions, etc to take advantage of my digital marketing background. I’m thinking big boys ie. Keller Williams have all the pieces to do this…but average agent has no clue how to make it all work?? So my idea is combining passion for great photos of the property, with digital marketing assistance for various programs and systems to get it all setup for them. I could really be a big difference from just a photographer as a differentiator, especially for higher end homes and realtors.

Answer: There are several considerations that relate to the answer to your question:

  1. Almost all brokerages have free websites for their agents.
  2. Many companies are selling turn-key sites to upper-end agents who are the ones that can afford the kind of services you talk about.

Chuck’s Question:  My wife is interested in learning real estate photography for my listings and eventually others.  She is a complete beginner and does not know where to start. How would you suggest she starts learning this trade? 

Answer: This is exactly what my e-book Photography For Real Estate Is designed for… to help people get started in this industry. I also suggest that she join the Photography For Real Estate flickr group associated with this blog to look at and discuss good real estate photos. Thousands of real estate photographers world wide have successfully used these two resources along with the PFRE blog to get started in real estate photography. Also, feel free to have her ask me questions via email  any time… I enjoy helping people get started.

Byron’s Question:  I just had a quick question for you regarding a flash set-up if you wouldn’t mind pointing me in the right direction?

Currently my equipment is;

  • Nikon d3300 (if I had my time over again I would’ve chose a camera with Automatic Exposure Bracketing and some more exterior buttons/controls ie. Nikon D90 or Canon 7D).
  • Sigma 10-20mm
  • The sturdiest tripod I could afford/find locally based on your recommendation
  • One flash I use on camera: Metz 52 AF-1 (Again, if I had my time again may have went with the Yongnuo flashes which I have now read about on your site.)

Just wondering what your recommendation would be for a multiple flash setup incorporating my current flash? Am I best off getting one or two flashes the same as my current one and some sort of triggering device? or perhaps 1-2 Yongnuo flashes and a trigger that will tie them all in? Have looked a lot online and haven’t been able to come across any information detailing a setup that will work for my situation.

Answer: There’s a couple of ways that would work with your current flash:

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