Real Estate Photography Question and Answers – #7

QandAJerome’s Question: I did my first real estate photography earlier this year and the realtor sold it pretty quick. I would like to do more but I’m not sure where to get a client base for that. I still have my day job that pays me well. But I would like to find a part-time gig that pays decent on the weekends, maybe even a couple of days during the week. Who can I work for?

Answer: Real estate photography works best if you create your own business and work independently. The companies that hire RE photographers keep most of the profit! There isn’t enough profit in RE photography for the photographer and another company. You can market yourself and build up your own clientele. The best way to do that is to research who the top 5 or 10% of Realtors are in your area based on number of listings and sale price and then market those Realtors directly. Find the top 10% in your area just by doing online research. All your local brokers sites have a list of the agents and their listings so just make a list.

Tom’s Question:  I am really struggling with over exposed windows with my shots? I used to do lots of HDR but have wanted to get away from it due to the over use of it and over baking that can occur, I have light stands I can bring with me but that is a lot of equipment to lug around in shots but willing to do it for better looking windows.   

Answer: Scott Hargis’s classic explanation is here. Here’s a way to start to get the feel of how to use a flash. Try this out in your front room for a while to get the hang of it:

Matt’s Question:  I must be overlooking it, but I can’t seem to find which software you use for creating printouts for listings. I’ve been using Photoshop, which works, but its a bit cumbersome with resizing photos, rearranging layouts etc. Do you have a solution/workflow that basically gives you a template that you can fire off these printouts without too much fiddling around? 

Answer: Not many real estate photographers create flyers for agents because most real estate offices have internal resources (secretaries answering phones that need something to do to fill in between phone calls) and templates to create flyers. Plus the process of creating an effective flyer involves writing some marketing copy and a review cycle or two with the Realtor and most photographers are not into that. MLSs  and tour companies automatically generate crude flyers that some agents use.

Sherry’s question: Have you done any articles on selecting a drone for aerial photos (not  video, if that’s possible)?  My clients are asking for it so I’m researching them.  I’m actually having a hard time finding the product!

Answer: I did this post early in March. The newest version of the DJI Phantom is the 2+. I think that is the best at this point for real estate photography. Both of these will do either stills or video. The 2+ plus has everything included and with the older version you have to buy a GoPro camera separately.

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