Real Estate Photography Video Tutorials – By Simon Maxwell

If you are a regular PFRE blog reader you probably have seen Simon Maxwell’s video tutorials.  Simon is a London Architectural Photographer that is a long time PFRE reader. I think he has a real talent for doing video tutorials. Here are a couple of posts from last summer in which I’ve featured Simon’s tutorials:

  1. Using PTlens with Lightroom
  2. Manual Exposure Blending With Photoshop

Simon has agreed to do some more real estate photography oriented tutorials explicitly for the PFRE blog and the PFRE e-books.

The video tutorials will be on YouTube, and I’ve built a tutorial page here on the blog that list and highlight Simon’s videos, and I’ll be announcing each new tutorial when he releases it. Simon’s YouTube channel already has 20+ videos with a rapidly growing subscriber list. All of these tutorials will have ads because that is the way Simon is monetizing his tutorial creation project. But we believe the ads are a minor inconvenience.

There are a few of the video’s that he will updating to reflect new Lightroom or Photoshop features. This whole process will evolve slowly over time since Simon will be fitting the creation of video tutorials into his shooting schedule. So please welcome Simon as a PFRE contributor and stay tuned to the SiMAX Channel for a great series of real estate photography tutorials!

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