Real Estate Sites Of The World Implement YouTube Video Embedding Now!

Real estate websites everywhere need to allow and implement YouTube video embedding just like has already done. Here’s a listing of Scott Wagners that has it. Here’s why this is important?

  1. It raises the visibility of video so it is very obvious when a listing has a video. This makes it just as visible as still photos. Having a tour/video link hidden some place on the page just doesn’t work well! Viewers hardly ever see the link.
  2. It simplifies setup of the listing. Having to upload video to like you have to for is insane and unnecessarily complicated. Pasting in some embed code is faster and easier.
  3. Everyone on the planet 3 years and older can recognize and knows how to run a YouTube video. YouTube is universally understood because literally close to 1 Billion users watch 4 Billion YouTube hours a month.
  4. YouTube’s video runs flawlessly on any device.
  5. This approach is technically trivial to implement.

Embedded YouTube video for real estate sites is a complete no-brainer and is a win for everyone involved. It greatly expands real estate site functionality yet keeps viewers on the site, it gives agents another way to stand out from the crowd, and it gives potential property buyers more information about the property in a format they like. Once again our Aussie mates are ahead of the rest of the world!

Thanks to Andrew Hughes and Scott Wagner for pointing out this idea.


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