Real-world samples added to Sony SLT-A77 II First Impressions

I agree they need more lenses. OTOH, I am, personally, quite interested in seeing what SLT can do for AF by allowing for communication btwn the image and AF sensors.

On-sensor PDAF has some advantages, as well as some disadvantages, as it’s currently implemented in most systems. So on-sensor PDAF – today – isn’t the end all be all of AF. Hence the investment in SLT as an alternative.

It remains to be seen which system works best, depending on your application. Objective AF tracking tests are difficult. I can say that I’m personally trying out both the SLT system as well as Canon 1DX’s subject tracking capability (w/ a much lower resolution, 100,000 pixel RGB sensor) to assess what works better for fast-paced wedding photography.

But it’s a bit of an unfair comparison right now b/c of, ironically (as you mention), the lack of available lenses. I’d ideally like to compare FF SLT vs. 1DX, using the same FOV lenses. Or at least 35mm equiv. FOV on both. Which is impossible right now…

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