Real-world & studio samples added to Nikon D810 1st-Impressions Review

“DOn’t see the point.”
But there is a point, so…

“If you want a video camera, buy one.”
It is a video camera.

“I can only assume tha the 800E didn’t sell and they can make this cheaper than either the d800 or the 800E.”
Baseless assumption and incorrect conclusion.

“No other reasons to have it.”
Reason 1: Take photos. Reason 2: Shoot video.

“And 36mp is still too many.”
Baseless statement.

With false assumptions aren’t founded on facts, actual data, observations or they are based on subjective data and only applies to a specific person(s). The best way to discuss your point of view is to use qualifying statements.

For example: Assuming the moon is made of cheddar cheese, I would eating it.

While the moon isn’t made of cheese, the statement is valid.

So, to expand of this, perhaps a better wording for your assertion: While I don’t need the 36mp, I don’t think I’ll need this camera.

It is a generally neutral statement rather than an inflammatory statement that isn’t valid.

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