Real-world test: Nikon D750 at the Museum of Flight

What, not text review?

Do not have the time, nor the patience for the video. Might be useful as a conclusive detail after analysis.

But not at first.

In my office we bill by the hour and every moment has value. And economically, we are the target audience for a camera like this ( or the D810 too ).

Nobody on our staff of 4,500 professionals wanted to view it either.

I only write this so that maybe you guys will go back the written reviews, with the video as augmentation. We like your tone. Approachable. Low key. Reasonable accurate-a rare thing in today’s online world. We would like to continue to use DP for info. But life is short, and honestly, to many competitors that do give us the aforementioned format.

Hopefully, we will see the text back.


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