Real-world test: the Sony a6000 goes surfing with Chris Burkard

There is actually very little between DSLR’s and mirrorless cameras, especially when you switch to live view mode on a DSLR.

Mirrorless tends to be packing way more smarts into their devices, and on sensor auto focussing, across the whole frame, is surely where we’re headed. I can’t see a reason why this couldn’t be added to a DSLR for the best of both worlds, for those who want to remain in DSLR land.

Clearly any notions of ‘it’s lighter and smaller’ is irrelevant when you go and slap a big lens on the front of it, and they often don’t have particularly comfortable grips either. The tech (wifi, flipscreens, touchscreens, upload to facebook/email etc) and the predictive tracking focussing is surely where the main benefits lie.

Videos like this are great to say that mirrorless is a viable option, and over time surely the tech and EVF’s will only get better. We’re in quite a cool time for this sort of gadget 🙂

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