Reply to Advice on new body (6D Mk ii vs. 5D Mk iv) + best overall lens


Having spent some time looking at your beautiful photo stream I agree with natures-pencil above regarding what you have achieved with the 40D. It is a great example that skill of the photographer will always be the most significant factor in a great picture.

I have very similar kit to you, including a Fuji X100s (fun camera). I just recently pulled the trigger on a EOS R at a great price. My main reason for upgrading was for improved focus accuracy, including eye AF, for portraiture. 6 odd years ago I got a 5Dii to replace a Nikon D200. I love the 5D, and will continue to use it. Build is amazing but it was not well regarded for autofocus.

If I were you, I would consider in terms of value/performance for your circumstances:

EOS R6 – Good build (like 6D) incredible AF and IBIS (hand held macro), but expensive and resolution might be considered low compared to alternatives (but for great DR)
5DIV – Best build quality (like a tank) and great AF/shooting performance – getting old, but proven.
EOS R – 5DIV sensor, fantastic AF, no more micro-adjusting lenses – EF glass adapts perfectly, access RF glass, reduced build quality compared to 5D – single SD slot
EOS RP – 6DII Sensor with fantastic AF, very good value – access to RF glass – reduced battery life (smaller battery) – basic build quality – no weatherproofing – single SD slot

I wouldn’t consider the 6D considering the options at that price.

As for lens, given your interest in flora, I’d get the EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS or if you go RF the RF 85mm f1.4 IS Macro

But regardless of what you buy, your photos are already fantastic and no particular camera will really change that.