Reply to New Camera Purchase

AF-S 80-400 no problem. AF-D only manual focus.

FTZ 1 is being phased out. Needs attention when considering quick mounting solutions, like Arca Swiss or Manfrotto. Peak Design developed a combined adapter that works well, Others have followed suit at a cheaper price. If you only mount your camera on a tripod with the 80-400 then you will be using the lens mount, so no issue. If you are using Arca Swiss only then there are plenty of adapters that are small enough not to interfere with the mounting of the adapter. The FTZ II does not have these issues, but I believe is not bundled with a camera at the moment, and for what it is, it is quite expensive.

There is (market) room for making an adapter with a sensor for manual lenses without CPUs, and many think that an AF-D solution would be nice, if someone could come up with an AF-S or piezo motor in the adapter or around the outside of an adapter that can drive a screw system. Could be bulky though.