Reply to The Function of Technology on Obsolescence

I don’t think I have followed any camera manufacturer ‘s roadmap like you mentioned. In fact, I have gone back to film and I don’t buy new digital gear anymore. I only care for something that has historic value these days like a Contax rangefinder or a Rolleiflex TLR, or perhaps even a Nikon Df DSRL so that I could make use of those manual Zeiss glass that I have accumulated over time. As far as I am concern, new digital gear doesn’t excite me anymore. I am still partially shooting APS-C but with an older generation Sony mirrorless body. However, I am looking to sell off my Canon 7D2 soon as I ‘ve found myself not using as its role has been replaced by my other 5D4. In way, you are right about the APS-C DSLRs getting obsolete, they are far too big for what they do.