Retro-styled Mini 90 takes Fujifilm’s Instax Line Back to the Future

If i do not write such things, some folks like you had certainly nothing to say, and would find life boring. I don’t know what one can find so amazing on such a bad, good looking, camera that prints pictures on the spot, and nothing more. Maybe some people do, but this does not make me change my mind on useless stuff, many useless things are intelligent made, just useless, like fashion stuff, 7 inch cellphones, wi-fi in everything, cars that drive 50 times the speed one allows you to drive, sunglasses in the night, and so on, the list is endless. This will not say that I hate it, or find it stupid. Even the most useless thing can be off intelligent design and amazing in technology. But, we discuss blind and deaf stuff here, same as you had to tell people eating at McDo that what they eat is all, but food. World is made of magicians and fools. So, I let you guess who is who in that game.

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