Return of the Super Rebel: Canon EOS Rebel T6s (760D) in-depth review

This seems like Canon’s answer to the Nikon D5500.

With only 1080p30 video and no IBIS, I’ll stick with my Sony A65. The Nikon looks like a better deal to me, since it’s $100 less and offers almost everything this Canon has, plus a bunch of functionality that Canons don’t have. Frankly, I think I’d get the older Nikon D5300, which has Wi-Fi and does 1080p60 for $200 less. The only things these newer cameras seem to have that’s new is the NFC and the touch screen. Of course this new Canon does have that status LCD on top, which is definitely a nice feature, which I do miss from time to time. It makes the camera like a more professional camera too.

This camera does have better/faster live-view focusing though, so it has two advantages over the Nikon D5500: better live-view focusing and the LCD display on top. The Nikons have 3.2″ articulating displays though, while this camera has only a 3″ display. Also, the Nikons can do 1080p60 (far less rolling shutter effect) instead of 1080p30.

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